Bienvenido a Mexico

I may have mentioned in posts from this spring that prior to traveling to Cuba, my class stayed in Puebla, Mexico for two days. I’m now back in Puebla and will be spending the semester here! I’ll be studying at the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, better known as UPAEP. OU actually has a study center here, meaning I’ll be taking two classes with OU faculty in residence and two local classes: Ecología Evolutiva and Historia Política de Mexico.

So far I’ve been settling into my classes and exploring the city. Mexico has a long and rich history of murals stretching back to pre-hispanic times, so I’ve included some photos of that tradition being carried on today. Beyond just appreciating the color and beauty of the city, I’ve also had the opportunity to start exploring the history of the city. There are a ton of museums here as well old fortresses (including those from the battle of Cinco de Mayo) and nearby archeological sites.

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